The elevator pitch

Biltong is South Africa’s favorite delicacy, bar none. With origins dating back over 400 years, this magical meat snack has recently taken the world by savory storm. With an ever-growing fan base (because something truly great can only be kept secret for so long), now’s the perfect time to take a closer look at this increasingly global culinary phenomenon.

Biltong was invented in South Africa by Dutch settlers in the early 17th century. Needing a non-perishable food source for their arduous journey across a brave new frontier, they cured strips of beef in vinegar, salt and natural spices, then left it out to dry. The name itself is a combination of the Dutch words “bille” (for meat or rump) and “tonghe” (for strip), essentially meaning strip of beef. Few foods have been more aptly named.

Not only is the stuff mesmerizingly, lip-smackingly, toe-curlingly delish – it’s healthy, super convenient and nutritious too. Completely void of sugar, simply packed with protein and gluten-free, biltong is Paleo, Keto and Whole30 diet friendly. Its high protein count makes it the superlative pre or post-workout boost your body needs. Ready to stash in a dash and grab on the go, it’s the companion of choice for discerning snack lovers.

Foodies have also fallen in love with its versatility and taste, as it’s a flawlessly seasoned, ready-to-eat meat, idyllic for shredding into sandwiches, topping canapés, flavoring stews and frittatas, sprinkling on top of rice, pizza or salads and a whole host of other recipe ideas. Stripped down to basics (and in sufficient quantities), it also makes for a memorable standalone meal.

Following in the early Dutch settlers’ footsteps of preserving meat, Made by True is committed to preserving biltong’s history by honoring the same age-old tradition (with definite improvements and technological advancements along the way) that made it a legend in the first place.


“If you’ve never tried biltong before, you’re in for a meaty treat. Welcome to the tribe, True Believers. Say hello to beef heaven.”