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Would it sound grandiose to say “the food of the gods”? Well, if you’ve tried some of Made by True’s scintillating savory snacks before, we’re sure you’ll agree. Simply put, biltong is a preserved form of beef that originated in South Africa more than 400 years ago. Dutch settlers cured their meat in a simple combination of vinegar and natural spices (mostly salt and coriander), before hanging it to dry. No heat or sugar is added, making it the healthiest and most delicious meat snack around. Honoring the centuries-old tradition, we’ve made some improvements along the way, but MBT remains true to what made biltong a legend in the first place. It’s the magic you’ve been missing from every meal. More on 'What is biltong' here.


Absolutely. In fact, in South Africa (where it originated), making your own biltong is a proud culinary tradition. Carefully guarded family recipes with just the right blend of secret spices are often passed down from generation to generation. The general process might remain the same, but there’s lots of room to experiment with different cuts and varieties of meat, lean to fat content, not to mention killer spice combinations. Pro-tip: the simpler, though, the better. If done right, the meat will speak for itself. You can read more about how to make your very own batch of biltong here.


If you’re an athlete, fitness fanatic or simply generally conscious of your health, you’ll be glad to know that biltong has one of the highest protein contents around. In fact, 25 grams of lean beef biltong can meet half your daily protein requirement, making it a wonderful food source to help build your body. Naturally gluten-free, it’s also an ideal energy boost and the perfect post-workout snack. All this and more makes biltong one of the healthier (not to mention moreish) snacks on the butcher’s block, so enjoy guilt-free. Good, better, biltong.


MBT pride ourselves on using only premium U.S. cattle born and lovingly grazed in Southern California – All-American beef all the way, baby! As our trusted supplier is right around the corner, we have batch traceability on every succulent piece of beef we use. We also utilize finely sourced venison – even chicken and pork – for added variety. As for our famous beef biltong, we use the Eye of Round cut because it’s the leanest, most protein-packed piece of steak available. Never given any hormones or antibiotics, it’s no wonder our USDA-certified natural beef is fit (and fab) for your dinner table.


Our biltong sticks – also called droëwors (Afrikaans for “dry sausage”) in South Africa – is made of finely ground prime U.S. beef. It’s mixed with other healthy ingredients and tantalizing spices, then slipped into deliciously edible casings and air-dried to utter perfection, just like our traditional biltong. Being comprised of ground beef, our biltong sticks are softer to chew on with a rich, crumbly, oh so satisfying texture. Its convenient slim shape makes it ideal to stash in a dash, not to mention snap and snack on the go-go-go. The only not so negative? It’s seriously addictive, folks. Find out more about our famous biltong sticks here.


To many traditionalists, carving biltong right from the slab is the way to go and the only proper way to get your meat on. Be in charge of the large when you order some of our impressive biltong slabs. It’s a robust piece of beef that’s reached its full potential as biltong and ready to be sliced fresh at 1/8” for ultimate biltong eating pleasure. Our slabs offer tenderness in every brilliant bite. Discover more about MBT’s mighty biltong slab products here.


Glad you asked. Generally, our biltong has a shelf life of twelve months. The container or packaging is key. Naturally, the warmer the storage conditions, the shorter the shelf life will be. Our biltong is ideal for stocking up on (and tailor made to grab and enjoy on the go). Because biltong will continue to dry once opened, it’s best to consume the contents within 5 days after opening to ensure that every bite remains fresh. Please seal and refrigerate immediately after opening to ensure that the taste remains True (unlikely, though, ’cause chances are you’ll devour the irresistible contents in one frenzied go).


Yes, yes and yes. In fact, not only is biltong Keto-friendly, it’s also suited for Paleo and Whole30 diets. A Keto diet requires protein foods that can help you burn fat more effectively. It has many benefits for weight loss, health, and performance (not to mention reducing hunger and improving type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome), which is why it’s recommended by a growing number of healthcare practitioners. Now is the perfect time to introduce you to our biltong (say hello to your fabulous new friend). You’ll need to look elsewhere for a high-fat content, though, as our biltong’s made from lean, yet simply delicious, quality cuts of meat.


Skewering any misconceptions: not at all! Besides being dried meat products, the taste, production and health profiles for both are very different. Jerky uses heat from a dehydrator or oven and relies on sauces and flavoring agents containing sugar and salt to increase its flavor. The heat breaks down healthy nutrients; the sugary marinades also leaves jerky with a much higher water content than its healthier counterpart (it’s tougher, too). Biltong is made using vinegar, all-natural spices and contains zero sugar. There’s no heat involved either, and the curing process (being air-dried) takes far longer. The bottom line: biltong is far more nutritious and contains no preservatives, making it the healthy anytime meat snack of choice.