What is this incredible snack food that, once tasted, can never be forgotten? Simply put, this endurable culinary legend is a magical mouthful meat snack that's taken the world by succulent storm.

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background image categories category sliced biltong SLICED BILTONG Cutting it fine, thick pieces of biltong are sliced extra thin for the ultimate in tenderness, chewability and sheer snacking convenience. Shop now background image categories category biltong sticks BILTONG STICKS Less dense and crumblier than biltong, our biltong sticks come in the handy shape of savory sticks that’s a breeze to snap and snack. Shop now background image categories category biltong slabs BILTONG SLABS What’s new on the slab in MBT’s lab? Just that: the original whole cut of biltong. Possibilities abound. Thick or thin, you decide the trim. Shop now background image categories


July 7, 2021

Biltong & Couscous Comfort Stack Salad with Spinach and Ranch Style Dressing

When it comes to scrumptious recipes, few words are more enticing than healthy, wholesome and comfort food. Surprised that they perfectly describe a truly special new salad? Well, don’t be, folks, as MBT proudly presents our latest culinary creation fit for any occasion.
August 5, 2021

Lunchbox Heroes – Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Familiar with the phrase “You are what you eat” – the concept of healthy food leading to a healthy body and a happy life? Then you know that when it comes to feeding your kids, only the best will do. Interested in spoiling their palate without spoiling their health? Then let’s take a deep dive into this topic, sure to turn every True Believer into a lunch-packing pro.